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  1. National Music Centre has at least a few Mellotrons on hand. We used two of them on our recordings there, including this cool looking clear one, where you can actually see the individual tapes moving as you press the keys. If you aren’t familiar with the Mellotron, it’s a tape replay keyboard, that actually uses individual strips of analog tape for every note (i.e.. you press down a key on the keyboard, and it pushes a strip of analog tape onto a playback head which plays back a recording of that note).  The tapes are 3 tracks, each featuring a different sound that you can switch between (this clear one was loaded with tapes featuring a choir, strings, and brass). I made time during our residency to do some fairly comprehensive sampling of this particular Mellotron for future use, recording the full length of every tape on every note, as well as major and minor triads for every note, with all 3 of it’s sounds. It took a long time, but it was worth it.

    From the Shout Out Out Out Out “Artist In Residency” stint at the National Music Centre, in Calgary, AB. See this previous post for more info:

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